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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

~ senangkan hati anda ~

one of my beloved fren, Haryaton Yahya aka arie, tag aku kat fesbuk pasal nih.. n i think it is very interesting to be shared... come, read it :)
How to attract money inspiredly? How to use the law of attraction to attract harmony wealth into our lives?

You will find some helpful answers in the 101 inspired money attraction tips:

1. Feel good whenever you spend money.
2. Deliberately find the good side of bad financial situations
3. If worry comes to you, find an opposite to replace it
4. Love your job now and try your best to do it better
5. Virtually spending money on what you want
6. Virtually give away money to who you want to give
7. Take your focus away from debts and focus on your belongings;
8. Only read good news or stories on financial
9. Only watch TV programs which make you feel good about money
10. Only talk about financial success, health and good relationships
11. Remember you are your greatest resource and naturally wealthy
12. Align your intentions, beliefs and action on personal finance
13. Find a financially successful model to copy and learn from
14. Find law of attraction recourses on money and learn them, such as Abraham teachings, living the law of attraction, the secret website and so on.
15. Money affirmations before going to bed and after getting up
16. Visualize(how to?) the abundant life you love many times a day
17. Write down your affirmations(how to?) every day
18. Doodle your financial dreams every day
19. Do the 30-day free life changing exercise (see my 3o-day experience brief log)
20. Using quantum mind power to automate and accelerate the money attraction process
21. Take a $100 bill with you, ask frequently about how many things it can buy for you
22. Using pivoting process to have a good feeling towards money
23. Appreciate the money you own now.
24. Feel good about creating wealth easily and effortlessly
25. Enter some workshop on making money
26. Make a financial plan, then focus on money you will have
27. List all evidences about financial success, no matter how small it is.
28. Write success journal every day.
29. Calm down and let yourself learn a systemic money make strategy.
30. Live a downstream life
31. Cut the time for TV and increase it for reading books about your financial desires
32. Use the placemat process to attract money
33. Use segment intending process to attract money
34. Buy a notebook and book the positive aspects about your financial situations
35. Connect with your spiritual guiders
36. Pay attention to your dreams. Learn lucid dream techniques to empower yourself
37. Focus on inspired and guided action, not only action
38. Clean your limited money beliefs (want to see a limited money belief list?)
39. Tell a new story about your financial situation deliberately
40. Learn a positive quote at the beginning of any day
41. Allow expected and unexpected money resources into your life
42. For the detailed money attraction process, let go let god
43. Accept help from others when needed
44. Practice virtual reality game whenever you have 30 seconds more
45. Repeat affirmations and feel them until fall asleep
46. Focus on yourself, money attraction is a creation process not competition process
47. Believe the world is abundant
48. Read money teachings from the official site of the movie “the secret” every day
49. Make vision board on your financial goals and hang them all around your house
50. Make financial goals cards and take with you everywhere. Gazing them whenever you have time
51. Record music for your financial goals and use it to replace those sad love songs. Music is a great tool to make you feel good or bad, all depend on you.
52. Put self-help book or financial book or spiritual book in your bathroom or office
53. Always take a small notebook. Record every suddenly coming inspiration
54. Don’t waste time chatting, hitting bars. Focus on inspired action
55. Read the book the astonishing power of emotions more than 5 times. Make clear that you are naturally wealthy
56. Always take time to meditation, no matter how busy you are. Meditation is a must source for inspired actions
57. Pay attention to the positive aspects of relationships. Focus on the process of building them and the income will come naturally
58. Treat your family better. Family is one of the greatest sources for love, while it is just the love that attracts money into your life
59. Love yourself whenever, wherever.
60. Learn to forgive, for yourself and others
61. Don’t waste time complaining and arguing. Review your make money plan and action
62. Listen to the voice from your heart
63. Get a Psychic Reading
64. No any excuse. It is just you that creates you own financial reality.
65. Focus on building communication skills, providing valuable services.
66. Live in NOW.
67. Learn inspired techniques on accelerating study, such as photoreading.
68. Sleep less, think more, and act
69. Value waiting time and convert it into time for study audio courses or seminars
70. Setup daily inspired money attraction routine and act from it. You can refer to the greatest book “you can heal your life” or my 30-day to change life experience.
71. Happy for other people’s financial success and pray for them
72. Use focus wheel process to attract money
73. Surround yourself with positive and vibrant people
74. Be grateful and appreciative for what you have in your life
75. Act and behave like you are already rich
76. Be thankful and show gratitude for any money you receive
77. Find a dime on the sidewalk, keep it
78. Be open to money making opportunities
79. Do something that makes you feel good (want to see some feel good tips)
80. Find your limited money beliefs, and then develop your new positive money beliefs
81. Choose money affirmations (how to?), repeat them, feel them and write them down (how to?) every day.
82. Be patient and feel good
83. Develop a habit of saving money every day.
84. Use gratitude stone just like “the secret “says
85. Hold out your arms and say: I am open to all the wealth and luck in the world, welcome you all into my life. Do this every day.
86. Every time seeing the things you love, say to yourself: you are all prepared for me and feel the feelings that you have own them
87. Live the courage to accept anytime and give feedback to the praise.
88. Send gifts to people
89. Take time to help others and let it be one of your habits
90. Live the courage to express yourself and grasp every chance
91. Stick to your financial goals and never give up
92. Replace your desktop with positive quotes
93. Replace wallpaper on the computer with your financial goal affirmations
94. Make a screensaver using your vision board and replace the default one in your computer
95. Make a mind movie on financial success
96. Create a million-dollar check and look at it for at least 21 times a day
97. Go through your negative financial experience and reliving it to have a completely different and positive experience
98. Thank you for your bills and love them. They are the signs of trust from the bill-sender corporation.
99. Join some communities on inspired wealth attraction, subscribe newsletters from professional blogs and continue learning money attraction tips and techniques
100. Find friends to make up an inspired wealth attraction group. These friends can come from the online virtual world or your real world
101. Learn from your experience and lessons. Be your life leader.

ehehehehee... terase best gak bace nih.. very inspired la.... haaa.. kalau ade yang link2 tu, 'klik' je... ade lagi banyak info :)

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