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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aquarius by Aqua

lirik lagu nih sbenanye ade kene mengene ke tak ngan haku ek

hahahaha.... takpe laa.. aku letak gak la kat sini.. :)

Aquarius, was born the night,
The shining stars, needed brighter shining light
Aquarius, was my savior,
It came along, like a blast from out of sight

When i was weak, you came along,
Enlighted me,covered the sun,
You seduced me, i can never ever run

Cause i, will only lose,
When i'm Aquarius
You're the power that i need
to make it all succeed
Can you hear me call?

Aquarius, is a stardust
It kills the faith, and the only one i trust,
It calls your name, and you listen,
It steals your soul, and your hunger and your lust

For life, and being free
It's killing me
It's dragging you
It's killing me
you seduced me
i can never ever run

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